Individual Learning Project Benefits?

This semester, I based my individual learning project on differentiated instruction. There were so many different directions and topics I could have chosen, but I really wanted to pick something that would maybe help further my knowledge in the field of study that I am working on. Differentiated instruction was the perfect fit, being that it would be beneficial to me as a future Special Education teacher! It was not as hard as I thought it would be to motivate myself to work on it throughout the semester, which was great because I usually got all of my work done earlier in the week! The downfall of choosing something that I was really interested in learning about was that it was a little harder for me to motivate myself to work on my other homework as well.


PhotoCC: val_godel

Differentiated instruction is a pretty broad topic. There are so many components that go a long with it, and so many different things to learn about it. The most challenging thing about creating a project out of this, was choosing and narrowing down topics to write and learn about. I decided to learn about how I could use this in the classroom as well as at home. Being a future teacher and aspiring mother, I wanted to give myself a wide range of information that I would be able to use in real life. The best part of creating this project was that I got to use a lot of the information that I learned from research, and in cooperate it into a few of my other classes and other assignments.

I learned a few things about myself during this project.

  1. I did not know half of what I thought I did about individualizing education
  2. Getting my homework done early relieves so much stress–will for sure continue to do so
  3. I am happy with my major
  4. I am more ambitious about experimenting with different technology resources than I thought!

I also learned how to manage my time a lot better. At first, I was used to just doing my homework that was needed to be done, and never really did any thing extra. Having to work on this project throughout the semester while adding onto my other homework, really taught me how to manage my free time a little more conservatively. I am really proud of myself by the way I manage my time now! I feel that I have came a long way from freshman year of college. This project not only taught me a ton about how to adapt learning material to all kinds of learners, but also gave me more confidence and excitement about my future profession.


10 thoughts on “Individual Learning Project Benefits?

  1. barnardeducationblog says:

    You’re winning with your ILP choice, that was super smart to pick something that will benefit your career! I like the 4 things you have learned from your ILP. Getting homework done early is tough, and I have yet to do it- it will come in handy being a teacher. Having the knowledge that you’re dedicated to your major is so satisfying. It’s almost like your sub-conscience is telling you “everything is going to be great.” Great blog!


  2. kelseaprieels says:

    I think it was a really good thing for you to choose something that would benefit you in your future career! I never thought about choosing something like that. I also agree that getting homework done early is beneficial and lowers your stress level. I really enjoyed reading your blog and I am glad you found an ILP that would benefit you in our career!


  3. blogwithkel says:

    I am very happy that you chose an ILP directly linked to your future career. This will help you out so much in the long run. I loved that you included all four aspects of what you learned while doing your ILP. I can’t wait to use ILP’s in the classroom and to see what my students to decide to do with their time. Keep up the good work! Almost done:-)


  4. mindycressdigitalliteracyspring2017 says:

    The information that your learned through your ILP sounds like it will give you the advantage in your future, Good Job! I also like the take away’s you had from your ILP. It is always great when we find techniques ways to manage our time better.


  5. triciamillerblog says:

    I like how you made a list of the things you learned. I’m glad you are happy with your future career, it is nice knowing that you are happy with what you are doing. Great job throughout the year, it has been fun seeing all the things you have been learning throughout your ILP.


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