My Attention Log

This week, I decided to do a blog on my online attention log/journal. This is something that is used to notice how your attention while you are online. I thought this would be a fun and informational experiment for myself to participate in. Right now I am in the middle of it. It is supposed to be throughout a five day period, and I am only on day three. There were four main things to consider while trying to notice while I was online which were:

  1. What are you thinking?
  2. How are you breathing?
  3. What position is your body in?
  4. What are you feeling? (emotions)

PhotoCC: mythai13

I did not really think that these questions were pertain to me being on the internet, but when I started to pay attention to them I was really surprised. For the first day of my experiment, I spent 2 hours on my computer doing homework. I was looking up articles, researching video resources, and writing a blog. While doing this, I realized a few things; I kept feeling myself tense up in my shoulders often, I found myself taking deep breaths as more time went on, I started to feel tired pretty easy towards the end of my homework session, and I was pretty drained at the end. I really did not realize how much strain sitting down staring at a computer for a couple of hours put on my body and mind. This made me want to research some healthy and fun ways to take breaks after being online for so long, which will also keep me motivated and relaxed. gave me a few good ideas!

  1. Set your computer aside your device and draw a quick picture
  2. Get up and turn on music–take a dance break!
  3. Stretch and loosen up your muscles
  4. Do a few silent yoga poses.

Throughout my next couple of days of this experiment, I found that very similar things happened to me when I was online for a long amount of time. I could feel tension in my back, it made me feel anxious at times, and I just felt really tired after I was finished. I can see how this can become a major problem, especially if one finds themselves looking at a computer or other devices screen for a long period of time.

As my attention log progresses, I want to try to measure how I feel when I apply the brain breaks that I have found. I want to see if it actually makes a different in how I feel, and if it might prolong my attention span while trying to do homework. I am excited to continue my experiment!

Here is a video on some crazy ways looking at a computer screen can effect your brain!


9 thoughts on “My Attention Log

  1. blogwithkel says:

    This is a really cool video. I have never really thought about how screen time affects my brain or emotions. I think you did a great job evaluating yourself in this post.
    Keep up the good work


  2. littlebrainfood says:

    Thanks for sharing that video! It did an awesome job at putting screen time into perspective… actually really make me worry about all the screen time I do. Then again majority of it is homework since a lot of professors now days seem to have all of their assignments online. I also really enjoyed your post and reading about your attention log. I should really try it sometime. 🙂


  3. mikahlaferguson says:

    That is crazy how tired someone can be after doing just 2 hours of homework. When I did my attention log I was trying to just focus on my homework and it eventually ended up with me looking at my phone and getting no homework done.
    Great Post!


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