What You Will Find by Googling Me

I was kind of excited when I found out one of my school assignments was to Google myself to see what I find. I knew it probably was not going to be much, because I really don’t post on social media a whole lot and I am in no way famous. One thing I learned right off the bat from researching myself was that there are quiet a few Haley Hanks’s out in the world! I did find a few other things surprising too that I did not think would be online. The links that first showed up were my Facebook profile, Twitter profile, Hudl account, and girls basketball stats on Maxpreps from high school. I also found a few interviews I did for newspapers from volleyball and basketball in highs school as well. Then, I put my name in quotes and came up with a page from white pages, images, and a link that said “We found Haley Hanks.” After doing a little browsing around that, I decided to add my middle name. What I found was my school Twitter account for Literacy in the Digital age, and a couple of public records that were from people who were not me, they just had the same name. Here is the link from googling my name! GooglingHaleyHanks


PhotoCC: Corey Harris


PhotoCC: SEO Worldwide

I did not find anything too exciting, but it did surprise me that Google even knew who I was! I realized then how super easy it is to find out about someone online. What my online identity says about me is that I was in sports in high school, I am majoring in Special Education (from my twitter account), I have a Facebook and Twitter account, and that I do not post a whole lot on social media. I usually like to use Facebook for sharing pictures with my friends and family and to keep up with those who I know that live far away.

I honestly am not worried about what a potential employer would find about me on the internet. They might find a few photos of my family during vacations and some silly ones of my brother and I, but other than that there shouldn’t be anything too exciting on there! I was raised to be respectful offline, which I believe has carried over to my online identity. I think that we are all so lucky to have the internet and social media, and should all be taught how to use it appropriately. Many people are not educated on the consequences that behaving badly on the internet can cause, and in many cases job opportunities, friendships, and even some lives can be ruined by a simple post.

Behaving appropriately online is so important, especially in the century we live in. Get educated, and educate those around you!


One thought on “What You Will Find by Googling Me

  1. blogwithkel says:

    Isn’t Googling yourself fun?? I think it is so great that you are not worried about employers seeing your online identity. I am not either. I thank all the people who taught me that being civil online is very important. Great Post!


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