Differentiated Instruction

For my individualized learning project, I decided that I wanted to learn more about and go into more depth of differentiated instruction. This certain topic pertains to my life because I am studying to be a special education teacher. Differentiated instruction is modified for different types of learners or situations. This will be something that I really want to be informed about well, because it will help me help my students learn in the most effective and successful way possible. I have studied this topic a little bit, but I want to become more comfortable with all of the material and knowledge that goes along with it, and that is why I think it will be perfect for my project!

Differentiated Instruction is unique in that there are never ending possibilities for it. Not only is it implemented in a special education classroom, it is used in just about every classroom scene or workplace around. I just want to focus more on using it in the aspect of special education for my project. No one will learn the exact same way easily. That is why modifying instruction, or any task for that matter, is crucial in one being able to show their full potential in whatever they are doing. If you limit someone to only teaching them or showing them how to do something one way, there will be people left behind and not grasping everything that they should be.

As a special education major, I have been studying different types of learning disabilities, and all different learning styles that students may have. Although I have done some research, I know that there is a TON that I do not know about. Having a lot of knowledge on this type of education helps, but nothing will compare to experience you have with actual students and are present in actual scenarios where you would use this. I am hoping that while researching and developing this project, it will help me gain more knowledge so I can have more opportunities to do a trial and error with students. The more you have to trial, the higher the chance will be that you will find what fits best for each student.

I chose this specific topic mainly because it makes me excited. It excites me for my future and how this information that I will be learning really will make a difference in students lives someday. My little brother, Jake, has been in the special education program his whole life. He is the reason for my passion for what I want to do, and he gives me that much more of a drive to be successful. I am really excited to see what I will learn while working on this project!


Photo CC: Elmarieport


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