My Learning Life

I have had quite the adventure with learning during my short time on this earth, and I am sure it will continue to grow every second/day I am alive. Learning can be anything. You can learn by hearing, listening, speaking, yelling, looking, sitting in complete silence thinking, anything. Learning is unique because everyone does it, but in many different ways.


Photo CC By: Ann Davis

The way I learn is visually. I would much rather watch a video, have a teacher be present with me in a classroom teaching, and or read a textbook on my own. I do not learn well by listening to someone speak a lecture, nor do I listen well when something is being read to me. The day I found out that I was a visual learner, was the day one of my teachers in high school lectured to us for the very first time for an hour, and I had no idea what she had said when she was finished.

It all started coming together after that. I had played basketball and volleyball every sense 3rd grade, and I always thought it was easier to understand a play or position if I was shown how to do it, not just told what to do.



My high school basketball team at state. Photo CC By: Moni Hourt

A time that I found myself struggling with learning was in 9th grade. Algebra. Math is something that has never came easy to me, and I feel that it never will. It has tested me to tears and anger, but I have always found a way to push myself through it. School has always usually came pretty easy to me, but I have always had to push a little more and pray a little harder with math. I have recently just passed my final math class that is required for me to take for my degree and I have never been so happy about being done with a class in my entire life!

One of the many times that I realized I LOVED learning was when my little brother was born. I learn new things about him every single day, and learning about life and how everyone lives it and experiences it differently is amazing to me. I think that is my most favorite thing to learn about, life.


My learning life is so exciting because it’s always growing. It is always expanding. The more I learn, the more I know, which means the more I can help change the world even if it is by one smile at a time. I cannot wait to see what new journeys my learning life will take me on!


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6 thoughts on “My Learning Life

  1. 2shaye says:

    OH NO on hating to listening to things. That might really be tested when we hit our Podcasts and Digital Storytelling unit (although some of digital storytelling includes visual aspects). Some friends of mine were recently having an in-depth discussion of learning styles, especially focused on one person’s hatred of auditory learning. All those who were saying they loved listening to stories or lectures were sharing that they were read aloud to a lot as children. This is one thing we focus a bit on in children’s literature, so it really makes me curious about any correlation there. In any case, thank you for sharing your experiences here. You have some great photos here and CONGRATULATIONS on making it past your math requirements. πŸ™‚


    • haleyhanks says:

      I have found that I can be an auditory learner, if the material is very repetitive, so if I will be able to listen to it multiple times I should be fine! Also, thank you I really appreciate it! Math and I have always had a constant battle with each other, but I have found that having a great teacher really makes a difference.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. courtneyhaywood says:

    It is great that you were able to realize you are a hands on learner! Knowing that will help you for the rest of your life to help those who are teaching you, and it gives you insight into knowing how your students may learn one day! Also congrats on being done with math!


  3. barnardeducationblog says:

    Awesome post I enjoyed reading it! How many years different are you and your brother? My brother and I are 4 years difference. And I feel your pain with math, something that just wants to bring me to tears just thinking about it. As far as being a visual learner, when did you first notice you are a visual learner and not an auditory learner?


    • haleyhanks says:

      My brother and I are 3 years apart, and I learned that I was a visual learner at around the beginning of my junior high years! I started to find out that if I take notes on absolutely everything I learn so much better. πŸ™‚


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