Digital Literacy!

Digital literacy is a new concept for me. I have always been used to “learning by the book.” While researching this topic I found out some interesting things.

Digital literacy is the knowledge, skills, and behaviors used in a broad range of digital devices, all of which are seen as a network rather than computing devices. This concept is also related to digital fluency, which means to acquire the skills to make and create meaning and select technologies to do so. This information was found on

While researching the essential elements of digital learning, I found a lot of different ways I could approach explaining it. There is one, although, that stood out to me most. It showed the eight components of a digital learning environment. This stood out to me because it gave me a little more of a better perspective on how I should in cooperate more of a digital learning environment into my future classroom as a future teacher. showed that the eight elements are:

  1. Sense of community
  2. Essential questions
  3. Captivating digital content
  4. Assessment for learning
  5. Multiple teaching tools
  6. Design for differentiation
  7. Supportive classroom environment
  8. Engaging instructional strategies

What I would say that I already know about digital literacy and fluency is a lot more than I did about an hour ago. When I first heard this concept, I thought of maybe using computers or technology for research or something in that nature. Now that I have done a little research on it, I realized that these concepts are going to be a key component in my future classroom because technology is thriving so quickly. What I want to learn more about in digital literacy, are the effective ways that have already been accomplished in others’ classrooms, and simple ways to approach it. I am not very tech savvy, so the simpler the better!

I expect to learn more about how I can learn and teach from digital devices in a effective way. To become effective in being a digital learner and or leader, I feel that you need to be quick on your feet and up to date with all of the latest technology and you should basically know your stuff without much assistance. I believe that we can all come together to tackle this new technological world, and that the road to success will be very exciting. This is a link to a blog that I found very interesting and helpful.


3 thoughts on “Digital Literacy!

  1. mackennamarie says:

    Your 8 areas of a digital learning environment were really informative. I think the supportive environment is so important. I know I’ve had teachers in the past who simply refused to use technology and didn’t allow us to for many assignments. I think now, with a lot of what we do being online, is the time to embrace technology and not try to run away from it.


    • haleyhanks says:

      Yes, I remember when some of my teachers would not let us use our computers for anything in the classroom, and that is ALL I use now! It is so important for teachers to prepare their students for the future they will be living in.


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